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The Youth Criminal Justice Act: How did we get here? (Part 1)

In Canada’s criminal justice system, anyone older than 11 or younger than 18 is subject to their own specific legislation, called the Youth Criminal Justice Act. While its critics claim it is far too lenient on youth offenders, its proponents argue that its principles, based on evidence, are sound, and that on the whole, the…

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Bullying: What it is and isn’t

Ask ten different people what they think bullying is, and you may get ten different answers, even though there may be some substantial agreement about what bullying looks like. A study conducted in Taiwan shows that perceived prevalence of bullying among the study participants was consistent, regardless of whether bullying was defined or not. Everyone…

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John Howard on Alberta Primetime: First Nations Overrepresentation in Prisons

John Howard on Alberta Primetime: First Nations overrepresentation in prisons from John Howard Society of Alberta on Vimeo. Original Air Date: Monday, November 03, 2014 Reposted with permission from Alberta Primetime. Description from their website: “Alberta’s been flagged by The Fraser Institute as a place where First Nations people are severely over-represented in prison populations.” John…

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