1992 Federal Court of Appeal ruling strikes down voting prohibition in Canada Elections Act (CEA)
May 6,1993 Canada Elections Act revised to allow provincial inmate to vote in federal elections, but not federal inmates
May 28,1993 Supreme Court of Canada rules inmates could vote in federal elections - this ruling not include judgement on recent amendment - constitution says all citizens can vote
Jan, 1996 Federal Court of Canada says federal inmates can vote in federal elections (challenge to new section of CEA)
Feb, 1996 federal government appeals Federal Court ruling to Supreme Court
Feb, 1997 Alberta Court of QB overturns Alberta Elections Act denial of prisoners rights to vote in provincial elections (based on 1993 SCC ruling) - unconstitutional
1997 Alberta launches appeal of QB ruling
May, 1997 federal government seeks a stay against federal inmate voting in June election
May, 1997 Federal Court of Appeal denies the request for a stay by federal government
May, 1997 federal government appeals to Supreme Court of Canada for a stay
May, 1997 Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the appeal
May, 1997 Alberta Court of Appeal issues stay against prisoners voting in Alberta election until legislature has chance to change law or appeal QB ruling
June, 1997 federal and provincial inmates vote in federal election
April, 1998 Alberta Court of Appeal declares Alberta’s Elections Act’s denial of inmate vote in provincial elections unconstitutional (but suggests could amend and deny to some)