About the Forum

This forum brings together practitioners, researchers and community leaders active in social development approaches to crime prevention. Knowledgeable and experienced speakers and workshop presenters will guide forum participants through the realities of crime in our communities, and proven effective responses to crime within the community across the spectrum of prevention, correction, and rehabilitation. Participants will grow their knowledge and awareness, share ideas and best practices, and begin to develop the strategies that can be put in place in their communities to begin to transform them into communities that are more caring and safer. All in an atmosphere designed to encourage open dialogue and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Who Should Attend

Join over 150 delegates from across Alberta and Canada who are involved in social development practices or research in the prevention of crime at the community level. This forum is for community development, youth and social workers, law enforcement and legal professionals, rehabilitation case workers, academics and researchers, mental health practitioners, and students interested in the latest crime prevention strategies.

We’re Hosting a Conference, and We Want You to Join Us

Social Development is crime preventionThe John Howard Society of Alberta

Alberta Community - Crime prevention Association

The Alberta Community Crime
Prevention Association

March 12-14, 2008
Coast Terrace Inn - Edmonton South
4440 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada