Research & Policy

The John Howard Society of Alberta has produced over 70 research and position papers on various criminal justice topics. Our Catalogue of Resource Papers (below) lists the over 50 current publications that are available to the public.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the documents listed below are no longer accurate due to changes in legislation or policy, so we have decided to remove them to prevent issues with misinformation. The unavailable documents are indicated with a strikethrough, like this. If you would still like to have a copy of any of the documents below (for research purposes, etc.) please contact us and we can send them to you.


About The John Howard Society

  • History of the John Howard Society of Alberta (1998) (PDF)
  • John Howard: Portrait of a Hero (1991) (PDF)
  • The John Howard Society’s Programs (2001)
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Crime Prevention

Youth Justice

Effective April 01, 2003, the Parliament of Canada repealed The Young Offenders Act, and replaced it with The Youth Criminal Justice Act. The papers below dated prior to 2003 refer to The Young Offenders Act, so references to the legislation are no longer correct, but the observations and empirical evidence surrounding youth justice matters remain accurate and should be considered within the context of The Youth Criminal Justice Act. Papers dated after 2003 reference the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Special Needs Offenders

Restorative Justice



Post-Imprisonment and Aftercare


Social Policy

NGO Justice Summit Newsletter

The newsletters below highlight progress and initiatives related to the Alberta Summit on Justice that are of interest to non-government organizations (NGOs). These documents were prepared by our office as part of Executive Director Christine Leonard’s role as the NGO Representative to the Minister of Justice’s Policy Advisory Committee on the Alberta Summit on Justice.

“The Reporter” Newsletter Archives

Archived copies of “The Reporter”, our newsletter, can be accessed on this page.

Also Available from the John Howard Society of Alberta