Calgary John Howard Society

The Calgary John Howard Society is a community-based charitable organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of crime and increasing community safety through preventative and restorative justice practices.

We provide direct services to men, women, and youth including: halfway houses for men and for women, transitional housing for youth, mediation based on restorative justice, institutional casework, and community support for both adults and youth. We advocate for effective responses to crime and the individuals involved, through initiatives aimed at adults, youth and members of the general public. Our education services target both youth and adults in the community, including education on the youth criminal justice act, adult literacy and basic education, as well as various training initiatives.

For detailed information on our programs, services, and opportunities for the public, please visit:


Gordon Sand, Executive Director
Calgary John Howard Society
917 – 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 0S5

Telephone: (403) 266-4566
Fax: (403) 265-2458