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Fun educational sites about criminal justice

Let’s be honest – some subjects are difficult to teach because students think they’re boring. This presents a challenge for teachers to look for ways to make the subject more interesting. Bringing in a bit of fun, making it into a game, or any other kind of interesting twist may spark student interest in a subject. Learning…

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Newcomers in the Classroom

Alberta teachers know it as a fact of life: Every year, more and more of their students are newcomers. This excellent article from Illuminate Magazine points out that one in five Canadians are new to Canada. It also quotes government stats that show many immigrant families are choosing to settle in Alberta and the other…

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Teachers: How to recognize and report child abuse

Teachers want the best for their students, including a safe and nurturing learning environment. Some students are unable to take advantage of that environment, because their world outside of school is in turmoil. One source of this disturbance may be domestic violence. In many parts of the world, reporting of child abuse is mandatory. Under…

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Teachers: Do Your Students Know Their Rights?

Most of what Alberta students know about rights likely comes from American television. There is almost nothing in popular entertainment that speaks to the Canadian situation. Canadian media stories may only mention in passing that a youth has been charged with an offence, and the youth’s name has been withheld as per the “Youth Criminal…

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Family Violence: Resources for Teachers

Teachers are always concerned about the welfare of their students. They also know that disruption in their students’ personal lives affects far more than their academic performance. While there are many resources available to teachers on the subject of family violence, here are three suggestions that may prove useful. Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: A Teacher’s…

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How Teachers Can Help Prevent Substance Abuse

Among the concerns faced by teachers and others who work with youth is substance abuse. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and abuse of other substances both legal and illegal, can have significant negative effects on the life of a youth. From a teacher’s perspective, the substance abuse may manifest itself in many ways, such as behavioural…

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