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While John Howard Society staff deliver many presentations throughout Alberta, there are some communities they are unable to reach. Our online materials were primarily created to help meet the needs of teachers in these communities. Classroom teachers can use the materials offered here to support and extend their Social Studies, Health, C.A.L.M., and Legal Studies instruction.

Law-related issues span every subject and pervade all areas of student life. The social implications of students’ decisions and actions are often intimately linked to the legal implications. The information and resources available here focus on both the social and legal aspects of these issues, to help create a better understanding of how they interact.

IMPORTANT NOTE (March 13, 2012): Parliament has passed Bill C-10, which has introduced some changes to laws affecting youth, such as the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The materials on this site are currently being revised to reflect these legislative changes, and the updated versions will be posted as they are completed. In the meantime, please note that some of these documents will have outdated information. To see a summary of the changes to the YCJA, please refer to this page on the Parliament of Canada website.

The John Howard Society of Alberta gratefully acknowledges the work and support of the Edmonton John Howard Society in the initial creation of these materials.

What topics are currently available?

The topics currently available can be seen in the menu to the right.

How are the resources organized?

Each topic area is on its own page, and is divided into four sections.

  • Information – A brief overview of the topic and relevant issues. Each information brief is available in PDF format for download and printing.
  • Lessons – This section includes reproducible ready-to-go teaching resources, information packages, activities and worksheets suiting a variety of purposes and grade levels.
  • Links – Each topic includes a collection of links to related resources which are useful for lesson extension, student exploration and expansion of personal knowledge on the topic.
  • FAQ – Some topics have a section with questions and answers. If you have any question on the topics presented or the resources available here you may also contact one of our public educators at your nearest John Howard Society, or contact us.

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