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The following materials are intended to help teachers and their students learn more about restorative justice, with particular attention to how it is applied to youth in the criminal justice system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2012, Parliament passed Bill C-10, which introduced some changes to laws affecting youth, such as the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The materials on this site are currently being revised to reflect these legislative changes, and the updated versions will be posted as they are completed. In the meantime, please note that some documents may contain some outdated information. To see a summary of the changes to the YCJA, please refer to this page on the Parliament of Canada website.


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NEW ACTIVITY – Kyle’s Choice: An Interactive Fiction Game About the YCJA


(Intended For: Teachers, Secondary Grade Level) This document is a brief introduction to the topic of restorative justice. It offers a basic definition, outlines its nature, and gives some examples of its application, including in the youth criminal justice system. The document also lists a number of sources for further…

(Intended For: Secondary Grade Level) This document contains a series of worksheets for use by students. The activities include a series of question and answer activities, a classroom activity focused on a case study, and similar group-based activities involving role-play based on case studies. NOTE: This document includes an answer key for the…


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Alberta Restorative Justice Association – an excellent resource for materials, books and video, including restorative justice programs in Alberta.

Restorative Justice Online – a major online resource for everything concerning restorative justice

The Centre for Restorative Justice at Simon Fraser University – “…an initiative by the Simon Fraser University School of Criminology…We are viewed world-wide as having the experts in the field of violent-offence (post-incarceration) mediation. We have also been on the leading edge of adopting the Aboriginal concept of circle remedies, which have become an integral part of progressive programming in the federal justice system.”

Over the last decade, Simon Fraser University has made significant contributions to the paradigm of restorative justice. We hope to build on our tradition of excellence in this field.

Restorative Justice in Canada: what victims should know
(Prepared by the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime)

Community Justice Forum: Canadian Resource Guide

The Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Practices: A Meta-Analysis – publication by Justice Canada’s Research & Statistics Division. (This division appears to have faced some funding cutbacks, so in case the publication is unavailable at the previous link, you can download it here as well.)

“Restorative Justice: A Vision for Healing and Change” by Susan Sharpe
(Ordering information for the book, available from the Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre, Edmonton)

Alberta – Provincial Restorative Justice Programs and Services
A list maintained by Correctional Service of Canada, includes contact information and links to sites

Stories of restorative justice from