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Who Are We?

The John Howard Society of Alberta is a non-profit agency concerned with the problem of crime and its prevention. The organization takes its name and spirit from the 18th century humanitarian John Howard, whose name has become a symbol of humane consideration for prisoners. It was incorporated in 1949, and today the organization consists of seven separately incorporated districts along with the Provincial Office.

We believe that crime control is as much the responsibility of the community as it is of government. Through involvement with the John Howard Society, as members or volunteers, people in the community play an active role in the criminal justice process by providing programs for offenders and their families, ex-offenders, young persons and the public.

Our Vision

A socially just, harmonious and safe community.

Our Mission

Advancing the work of the John Howard Societies across Alberta through promotion, research and public education on issues of public safety and crime prevention.

Latest News

JohnHowardSocietyAB5 hours ago
Kudos Paul Wells @macleans: Last 3 paragraphs encourage outrage that 195 federal prisoners met UN definition of being tortured through prolonged solitary confinement under @BillBlair's watch: see Doob/Sprott Report + @Justin_Ling story in Vice https://t.co/Xq0d6oHY6s
John Howard Society of Alberta
John Howard Society of Alberta1 day ago

John Howard Society of Manitoba writes: "If you have not yet had the chance, please consider signing petition e-3023 which calls for an inquiry into the federal government’s handling of COVID-19 and other things to address abusive solitary confinement."

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Pardons are now called Record Suspensions.
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