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Over the years, the John Howard Society of Alberta has created a large collection of research & policy documents for public legal education.

We are pleased to offer the public as much of our older materials as possible, in order to assist researchers, students, and anyone else interested in the history of criminal justice in Alberta and Canada.

An Important Note

Some of the documents listed below are no longer accurate due to changes in legislation or policy, and so are primarily useful for research purposes only. If you are concerned, please contact us and we can give you more information about current legislation and policy.

All documents below are in PDF format except where indicated.

Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention Through Social Development (2000) [PDF]
  • Crime Prevention Through Social Development: A Literature Review (1995) [PDF]
  • Crime Prevention Through Social Development: A Resource Guide (1995) [PDF]

Youth Justice

Effective April 01, 2003, the Parliament of Canada repealed The Young Offenders Act, and replaced it with The Youth Criminal Justice Act. The papers below dated prior to 2003 refer to The Young Offenders Act, so references to the legislation are no longer correct, but the observations and empirical evidence surrounding youth justice matters remain accurate and should be considered within the context of The Youth Criminal Justice Act. Papers dated after 2003 reference the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Special Needs Offenders

  • Batterers' Treatment Programs (2001) [PDF]
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programs (2002) [PDF]
  • Community Notification (1997) [PDF]
  • Dangerous Offender Legislation Around the World (1999) [PDF]
  • Offender Risk Assessment (2000) [PDF]
  • Response to Dangerous Offender Proposals (1993) [PDF]
  • Response to High Risk Offender Proposals (1997) [PDF]
  • Sex Offender Recidivism (1999) [PDF]

Restorative Justice

  • Criminal Justice Reform (Feb. 2007) [PDF]
  • Response to Alberta Summit on Justice (1998) [PDF]
  • Restorative Justice (1997) [PDF]
  • Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs (1998) [PDF]


  • Analysis of Credit for Time Served in Remand (2009) [PDF] [MS Word]
  • Attendance Centres (2000) [PDF]
  • Community Corrections (1998) [PDF]
  • Conditional Sentences (2000) [PDF]
  • Electronic Monitoring (2000) [PDF]
  • Electronic Monitoring Update (2006) [PDF]
  • Response (1994) to Sentencing Amendments [PDF]
  • Sentencing in Canada (1999) [PDF]


  • Boot Camps: Issues for Canada (1998) [PDF]
  • Effects of Long Term Incarceration (1999) [PDF]
  • Inmate Education (2002) [PDF]
  • Inmate Industries (2002) [PDF]
  • Inmate Rights and Grievance Options (1998) [PDF]
  • Inmate Voting Rights (2000) [PDF]
  • Life Imprisonment (1998) [PDF]
  • Prison and Jail Suicide (1999) [PDF]
  • Prison Overcrowding (1996) [PDF]

Post-Imprisonment and Aftercare

  • Halfway Houses (2001) [PDF]
  • Response to Corrections and Conditional Release Act Amendments (1994) [PDF]
  • Response to Proposed Corrections and Conditional Release Act (1992) [PDF]
  • Recidivism & Short Term Inmates (2002) [PDF]


  • Private Prisons (2002) [PDF]
  • Privatization of Corrections (1998) [PDF]

Social Policy

  • Correctional User Fees (2001) [PDF]
  • Costs of Criminal Justice (1997) [PDF]
  • An Examination of Citizen Involvement in Complaints Regarding Police (2005) [PDF]
  • Fear of Crime (1999) [PDF]
  • Gangs (2001) [PDF]
  • Offender Registry (2001) [PDF]
  • Prostitution (2001) [PDF]
  • Role of the Police (1997) [PDF]
  • Social Capital, Social Entrepreneurs and Safer Communities – Enabling Alberta’s Communities to Work out Lasting Solutions (2008) [PDF]
  • Victim Impact Statements(1997) [PDF]
  • Women and Violence (2001) [PDF]

NGO Justice Summit Newsletter

The newsletters below highlight progress and initiatives related to the Alberta Summit on Justice that are of interest to non-government organizations (NGOs). These documents were prepared by our office as part of Executive Director Christine Leonard's role as the NGO Representative to the Minister of Justice's Policy Advisory Committee on the Alberta Summit on Justice.

  • Volume 1 - July 2000 [PDF]
  • Volume 2 - February 2001 [PDF]
  • Volume 3 - June 2001 [PDF]
  • Volume 4 - September 2001 [PDF]
  • Volume 5 - December 2001 [PDF]
  • Volume 6 - February 2002 [PDF]
  • Volume 7 - April 2002 [PDF]

The Reporter Newsletter Archives

For many years, The John Howard Society of Alberta published The Reporter, a newsletter that covered topics such as law, criminal justice, and their impact on society.

Except where noted, all past issues are in PDF format.















Other Documents

  • A Guide to the Young Offenders Act in Alberta (4th Edition) [PDF] - more of historical interest, since it was replaced by the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) in 2003. We have more current information on the YCJA on our Research & Policy page. For the latest information, please contact us.
  • Understanding Criminal Records [PDF]
  • List of HIV/AIDS /Hepatitis C and NPNU Resources in Alberta [PDF] - NOTE: This document was prepared by our office in 2001 as part of our work on the Law Enforcement and Corrections Task Group of the Alberta Non-Prescription Needle Use (NPNU) Consortium. Contact information for some of the agencies has changed since this was published.