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Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

BLYG0204 – Bullying: Rules and Bylaws

(Activity – Intended For: Secondary Grade Level) This activity explores the purpose and effect of rules which govern behaviour within the school and in the community. A connection is made between classroom rules, school rules and responding to bullying. The activity culminates with students constructing and evaluating an anti-bullying rule for their classroom or school. Includes student worksheets and reference pages that provide information on bylaws and other approaches Alberta communities have used to address bullying.

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BLYG0101 – Bullying: Overview

(Document Type: Reference – Intended For: Teachers) The Overview is intended to provide a basic working knowledge of the subject of bullying: defining it, outlining the consequences and affected parties, how it might be prevented, and the legal aspects and implications.

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BLYG0201 – Bullying: Building a Definition

(Lesson – Intended For: Teachers, Secondary Grade Level) This package helps to facilitate a discussion of bullying. Students develop a functional definition, and develop and apply their understanding of bullying through several formative case studies. An additional activity aims to find examples of bullying in literature. Includes student worksheets, teacher’s guide and 2 pages suitable for printing as overhead transparencies.

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