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Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

FMVL0105 – Family Violence: Child Abuse Signs and Symptoms

(Intended For: Teachers, General Public) This document offers educators a list of signs & symptoms of child abuse. It outlines tell-tale differences between abusive and non-inflicted injuries, gives a guide to interpreting sexualized behaviour in children, and offers perspectives on differing views of physical punishment. At the end of the document is a summary of the key signs of child abuse and neglect.

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FMVL0106 – Family Violence: Child Abuse, Reporting and the Law

(Intended For: Teachers) This document details what educators should do if they suspect child abuse. This includes an outline of what the law says about reporting including the “duty to report”, how educators have traditionally responded, and a disclosure checklist to use should you need to contact child protection. Directions for contacting provincial organizations and accessing local resources are also given.

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FMVL0108 – Family Violence: Actions and Resources

(Intended For: Teachers) This document offers concrete suggestions for actions to be taken by educators, men, and all citizens to prevent family violence. It also lists contact information for organizations, and resources such as books and services available to educators and victims of family violence.

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