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Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

GNGS0201 – Gangs: Defining Gangs

(Intended For: Secondary Grade Level) This activity directs the student to an understanding of what a gang is by comparing the legal definition of a gang to other definitions. Students synthesize their understanding by coming up with their own definition. This activity is suitable for individuals or small groups, with an opportunity for large group discussion and sharing.

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GNGS0202 – Gangs: Novel Study – Character Profile

(Intended For: Teachers, Secondary Grade Level)
This activity is designed to be used with the novel of your choice (Outsiders, Durango Street, etc.). Students identify the risk factors and protective factors associated with gang involvement while analyzing a character from a book they are reading. (A character from any work of fiction can be used, or even a character from a film.) A page of links for identifying local community resources is also included. This is a useful activity for tying in Health/C.A.L.M. Healthy Choices issues, knowledge of community resources or Language Arts.

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