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Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

Inmate Industries (2002)

A discussion of the history and development of inmate industries. The paper provides an overview of the types of industries and programs operating within the corrections system. It also explores the major issues facing private sector involvement in inmate industries. (An update to a document written in 1997.) Download

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Boot Camps: Issues for Canada (1998)

An examination of boot camp design, structure and utility. The remarkable growth of boot camps in the United States is examined and evaluative information is provided when possible. The issues surrounding the use of boot camps in Canada are outlined. Download

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Effects of Long Term Incarceration (1999)

An overview of the effects of long-term incarceration and the ways in which prisoners deal with lengthy confinement. Issues dealt with include deprivation, fear of deterioration, effects on relationships inside and outside the prison environment, self-esteem and personality change. Download

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