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Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

Brief: Response to the Alberta Summit on Justice (1998)

Our response to the Summit on Justice consultation process. The paper presents our views on the benefits of restorative justice programming, the importance of community involvement in justice, the need for better public education on justice issues and the need for crime prevention through social development approaches to crime problems. Download

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RSTJ0101 – Restorative Justice: Introduction

(Intended For: Teachers, Secondary Grade Level) This document is a brief introduction to the topic of restorative justice. It offers a basic definition, outlines its nature, and gives some examples of its application, including in the youth criminal justice system. The document also lists a number of sources for further information and study, advisory contacts and online resources. While the introduction has been written for teachers, it may be useful for students as well.

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RSTJ0201 – Restorative Justice: Classroom Activities

(Intended For: Secondary Grade Level) This document contains a series of worksheets for use by students. The activities include a series of question and answer activities, a classroom activity focused on a case study, and similar group-based activities involving role-play based on case studies. NOTE: This document includes an answer key for the activities, and additional information on the classroom case study activity.

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