Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

YCJA0207 – Legal Rights: Rules and Laws

(Intended For: Elementary Grade Level)¬†This document contains student pages and a teacher’s edition of the same pages. The questions guide students through the purpose and rationale of rules and laws. Students are directed to look for rules around them and ask questions about them. Who makes them? What is their purpose? What are fair consequences? Students also discuss what makes a good rule and have an opportunity to make and test their own rules.

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YCJA0101 – Introduction to the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Intended For: Teachers, Secondary Grade Level
The Overview is intended to provide a basic working knowledge of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. It contains much of the same information that the teaching activities are built around, but is collected in one document without lessons and activities. This document is primarily intended as a teacher overview and reference, although some may wish to print off sections for student use as well.

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