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Effective, just and humane responses
to the causes and consequences of crime

Parental Liability Laws (1997)

An examination of increased interest in holding parents accountable for their children’s actions. Parental liability laws in Cana da and the United States are explored. Issues surrounding parental liability laws, including the effectiveness of such laws in addressing youth crime, are examined. More effective alternatives to parental liability laws are presented. Download

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Alternative Custody Programs for Youth (1997)

A description of the differences among wilderness camps, boot camps and work camps for young offenders. Includes program descriptions, findings from program evaluations and notable concerns about each type of program. The paper concludes with suggestions about the necessary elements for successful work camp programs for young offenders. Download

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A Closer Look at Youth and Crime in Canada (2008)

The Canadian public’s perception that the youth crime rate is a growing phenomena in society and that communities are increasingly vulnerable to violent criminal behaviour by young people is one that is unfortunately reinforced by external sources. Sensationalized media coverage, frustrated law enforcement officers and vote seeking politicians have tended to portray only parts of…

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