Lethbridge John Howard Society

Established in 1947, the Lethbridge John Howard Society focuses on programs primarily in the fields of justice, corrections and social issues. Our mandate is to respond to the problems of crime, to work with people in conflict with the law, to advocate for change in the criminal justice process when needed and to engage in public legal education.

Programs and Services

  • Institutional Services – The Lethbridge John Howard Society provides pre-release services to clients at the Lethbridge Correctional Center.  Through private one-on-one consultation, clients are provided information on housing, employment, and education, referrals to other community agencies, suitable clothing for release, temporary identification, as well as other services that assist clients with their successful reintegration into the community. Private one-on-one addiction counselling and group programs are also provided in the Center. These programs include: The Moving on from Addictions Program, the Tobacco Reduction Program and The Health and Wellness Program for Women.
  • Client Services – Services are provided to assist clients with a variety of needs. These include information on legal issues, assistance with pardon applications, and referrals to other community agencies and services.
  • Life Skills Program – The Life Skills Program is designed to address the issue of homelessness and the multiple barriers associated with those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless; also those involved in the criminal justice system. The Program focuses on housing, employment, health, and financial issues, as well as addiction and its associated problems. The program can be accessed by any member of the community for life skills training and support in order to improve their life skills and quality of life.
  • Youth Justice Program – Clients of the Youth Justice Program are referred by the Youth Justice Committee, Probation, parents, or schools. This program provides young offenders or youth at risk of offending, with sessions that will impact their behaviour in a positive way. These sessions are designed to address the issues each young person is facing and may include peer pressure, bullying, mental health, or addiction. The Program also provides information on the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the impact a criminal record has on a young person’s future.
  • Temporary Identification Program – Temporary identification is provided to clients who are unable to obtain government identification or are in the process of obtaining permanent identification.


Lynne Harrold, Executive Director
Lethbridge John Howard Society
909 – 3rd Avenue North,
Lethbridge, Alberta
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Telephone: (403) 327-8202 (currently not in service)
Fax: (403) 320-6613

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