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to the causes and consequences of crime

The new site

Traffic cone via Bvs-aca at Wikimedia CommonsWelcome, vistors! We’re pleased to announce our recent site renovations are now complete. (You may still see a few safety cones here and there, but they’ll be coming down soon.)

A big thank-you to Karim Jetha, webslinger extraordinaire, who managed to do all of the work and still manage to get married and move to another country! Thanks again, Karim.

One of the elements we didn’t have before was a blog, which, of course, you’re reading right now. Over the coming weeks, we hope to have some of the staff from the John Howard Society of Alberta making the occasional post on various topics, as well as notifying you of events and other developments. It’s also possible we might have guest bloggers from outside JHSA as well.

So, have a look around, and be sure to let us know what you think, either by email or using our new response form.