TV for Alberta Inmates

John Howard on Alberta Primetime: TV for Alberta Inmates from John Howard Society of Alberta on Vimeo.

Original Air Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Posted with the permission of ACCESS Television Network and Alberta Prime Time. From their website:

“The Bowden Prison is putting out a request for proposal for a company to provide cable to inmates. Inmates have to pay to have cable and buy their own TV so taxpayers aren’t on the hook. Prison officials say TV is an educational tool – but others argue that prisoners watch all night and then sleep in making them late for work. Officials also say that it is harder to discipline those that do and it isn’t easy to confiscate a TV because now guards have to fill out paperwork.

“Three men and a boy were wrongly accused of killing a wild pregnant mare near Sundre. They are suing the RCMP for millions for malicious prosecution and negligent investigation. Each person involved is suing for $1 million in general damages as well as other costs. Last April all charges were dropped when new evidence showed the group had nothing to do with the mare’s death.

“With us on the Crime Panel is Chris Hay, the Executive Director of the John Howard Society; Rod Gregory, Defence Lawyer; and Jason Van Rassel, Justice and Social Issues Reporter with the Calgary Herald.”