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Video series on the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Teachers: Back in 2013, Justice Canada released a six-part video series that summarizes and introduces the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). (The videos are viewable as one large video here, but it’s a Flash-based player which won’t work on some mobile devices. Plus, it may be more convenient for classroom discussion to have them in segments anyway.)

If you or your students haven’t seen these videos, they are a great introduction to the YCJA, and how it affects your students. The six videos are embedded below. Total viewing time for all videos is 25:43, so you could watch all of them in a single class.

If these videos leave you wanting to learn more about the YCJA, please have a look at our online materials collection.

Part 1: Principles (Length: 3:23)

Part 2: Extrajudicial Measures and Sanctions (Length: 4:58)

Part 3: Youth Court and Sentencing (Length: 5:51)

Part 4: Reintegration (Length: 3:00)

Part 5: Publication Bans (Length: 1:04)

Part 6: Conferences and Conclusion (Length: 7:27)